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How Collaborative Learning Helps Perform Better

Learning alone may be fruitful for some, but for many it is just a headache or may prove to be a waste of time. Such students need to change their approach and join a collaborative team of learners or search for a study partner.

Many people who lacked in studies have joined such teams and improved dramatically, because where individual learning fails, collaborative learning really turns the tide. So, why collaborative learning is such a huge success or why people are joining such teams like a flock of sheep. To answer such questions, we should first understand what collaborative learning means and what are the various advantages of collaborative learning over individual learning.

Individual learning?

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Collaborative learning can be defined as the situation where two or more than two people learn or study something together. Now, in individual learning, if a person faces a problem, then he has to search and resolve it personally, which may take valuable time and efforts. But, in collaborative learning, people can benefit from the skills of their teammates or by helping each other out. They can share information with each other, work on assignments together, learn from one another’s mistakes, and monitor each other’s work, etc.

Collaborative learning includes face-to-face discussions and online chatting or video calls.

Now, two or more students can join with each other to form small collaborative learning groups or they can team up with their teachers to form a new alliance. Some may think that it redefines customary teacher-student classroom relationship and up to some extent, they are right, because it is like a usual classroom, but here the number of students is much less than the usual classroom and it also lacks the classroom discipline.

Furthermore, collaborative learning has many benefits in the fields of education, writing, projects, debates, etc. It can include a collaborative essay or article writing on different topics that will make writing easier than ever. You can improve your skills by learning rather than going from hours of research, for that you can hire best essay writing service.

In small groups

Whereas some students find it difficult to focus on studies in traditional classrooms, they may find it more entertaining in collaborative learning, because in collaborative learning they are not bound to rules and due to a small number of members, everybody gets a fair chance of participation. Studies indicate that students show more motivation towards learning in collaborative learning methods rather than the traditional classroom, where they are just some backbenchers.

Students’ results improve dramatically because they are more active in small groups, where all teammates receive the same attention and they even help each other out.